ERT Tactical Pump Shotgun

The most misunderstood weapons on the battlefield today are open-bolt machine guns and shotguns. The most effective and common bead side weapon deserves its due diligence. Let us offer you a proper and safe education on; safe manual of arms, weapons handling, and its devastating capabilities.

Recommended for:
Anybody with an interest in the safe and effective use of a Pump Shotgun for self-defense.

Experience required: None

Prerequisites: None

Equipment required:
• Shotgun, Pump (rentals available), 100 birdshot, 15 buckshot, 15 rifled slugs
• Sling optional
• Pouch for shells
• Eye and ear protection (recommended electronic hearing protection)

Full-day course teaching and applying:
• Presentation drills
• Engagement methods
• Multiple target engagements
• Reloading
• Corrective action
• Stress shooting
• Movement
• Advanced shooting drills
• Final exercise


Aug 19 2023


07:00 - 13:00




Ben Avery Shooting Facility

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