New Gun Owner:

If you are a new gun owner or contemplating purchasing a firearm, you have come to the right place.

Learning Process:

The learning process begins with finding a trustworthy team who can take you through the first steps: what to buy, how to use, where to begin! WE'RE HERE TO HELP.

We Believe:
We believe that guns are tools. Tools amplify the abilities of the user. The user has to be prepared to acquire the necessary mental and physical skills, one step at a time.
Our philosophy:
Our philosophy dictates that every person who owns a weapon must acquire the necessary training of Mind and Body in order to take action in a responsible way. Not only must you learn as much as possible about the firearm you own and how to use it, but also know how to be mentally prepared to handle yourself in a difficult situation.

What our students say!



"As a novice, this class made me feel comfortable and, most importantly, safe. The class was fast-paced, fun, I learned a lot, and feel so much more comfortable with my rifle."


Police Officer

"Great course. Was better than Larry Vickers course by far… More than exceeded my expectations."



"Great instruction. I learned more PRACTICAL technique then in 4 years of federal law enforcement instruction. All business, no wasted time."