dry fire training

Dry fire training, good idea or bad idea?

By: Rob Orgel, Written For BluePress Magazine I have posed this question to a lot of people and you might be surprised by the answers that I have consistently found. Everyone harps on the importance of dry fire training. Many would suggest it’s like doing homework and that you’ll never […]

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combat fitness

Combat Fitness

“Combat Fitness” Means Combat Ready and Not Just with a Gun By Rob Orgel, Written For BluePress Magazine To gain fitness, you don’t need a gym membership. You’ll just need a small investment in gear and the commitment to get it done. Part of “getting it done” means getting on […]

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Understanding Your Intuition

By Rob Orgel Intuition is that little voice in your head telling you something isn’t quite right. We all have it, but are we in tune to it? In the moment, you might have a feeling that something is a bit off, but don’t quite know what it is. Later, […]

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